Public Procurement and Renewable Energy Projects

Procurement in the public sector is an increasingly competitive and complex activity due to the continuous updates from the European Union. Therefore, access to the appropriate legal counselling professionals is critical in tenders, from the presentation of the documentation for the bidding process until the award is made, and it is also equally important to have continuous legal counsel for the performance of the contract.

When counselling is required by a public entity, it is essential to guarantee that the chosen procedure is lawful and that complies with the regulations in force. It is also important to oversee the legality of the requirements established in the relevant documentation and final award in order to make sure that all the regulatory requirements are met.

  • Counselling in drafting documents
  • Counselling in the classification of contractors.
  • Counselling in awarding, executing, modifying, performing and settling contracts.
  • Contract resources.
  • Legal defence before the Administration, Courts and Tribunals.

The construction of renewable energy infrastructures (wind farms, in any territory, biomass plants, photovoltaic systems, etc.) very often poses complex problems from the environmental, urban and sector-wide perspectives, which leads in many cases to compulsory expropriation of land, occupation of public forest or facing proceedings involving other rights, permit refusal and judicial remedies against authorisation for installation filed by third parties, as well as other types of issues. It is vital to find the appropriate legal counsel to successfully face these challenges.

Our knowledge of the vast administrative national and local regulations applicable to this type of infrastructures and expertise on the problems that could arise in the actual scenario, allow us to provide fast responses in order to avoid risks or, if applicable, to soundly approach them and find the solution that best suits your needs; in other words, we guarantee the defence of your investment and the success of our clients’ projects.

  • Authorizations and permits.
  • Purchase of land agreements. Legal analysis and negotiations to rent or purchase the necessary land or rights for the facilities.
  • Execution and operation agreements. EPC/turnkey.
  • Urban planning agreements and land management. Analysis of sites with urban and environmental sensitivity.
  • Sector-wide legislation restrictions (forests, mines, water, cattle trails, shores, roads, national heritage).
  • Compulsory land expropriation proceedings.
  • Legal defence before the Administration, Courts and Tribunals.