Environmental Law

In the last four decades, countries have shown an increasing concern about the environmental health of our planet and, therefore, Public Administrations are intervening in businesses activities in order to implement a more environmentally friendly production in an effort to minimize waste material. Companies thus have to comply with strict procedures to obtain all the authorisations needed to carry out their activity, they are also liable for any possible environmental damage and subject to sanctions for the infringement of the security regulations established to legally protect soils, water, air, etc.

We are particularly active in administrative disciplinary proceedings; waste discharge to public water, waste, noise and air pollution, and others.

Our Firm provides legal counsel to companies on the following matters:

  • Environmental assessment of projects, plans and programmes.
  • Integrated Environmental Authorization.
  • Protected Natural Areas.
  • Red Natura 2000.
  • Noise and air pollution.
  • Greenhouse gas emission Permits.
  • Environmental responsibility.
  • Disciplinary proceedings.
  • Legal reports on Environmental Law.
  • Legal defence before the Administration, Courts and Tribunals.