Administrative procedures and Court Case defense

Companies and individuals dealing with Public Administrations are often involved in complex situations whose defense requires to obtain legal advice, to guide, assist and defend their respective rights and interests before Public Administrations.

Knowledge of the general administrative regulations, both state, regional and local, as well as the various problems that may arise in practice, allows us to provide a service to our clients that puts them on an equal footing with the Administration. to defend, in each case, their rights and interests against the almighty Administration. Below we present a brief list of our portfolio of services in the field of General Administrative Law.

  • • Authorizations, concessions and licenses.
    • Claims of patrimonial liability of the Public Administration.
    • Compulsory Expropiation procedures.
    • Administrative sanctions
    • Public Grants
    • Goods of Public Domain (waters,Mounts, coasts) and Patrimony assets.
    • Legal defense before Administrations and Courts.